Taiwan Trip Haul

7:13 PM

My favourite series: Zero no Tsukaima and it's spinoffs

This thread is just pictures of what goods I brought back from Taiwan to Canada, and I gotta say, this is really just a show off post, what a guy I am...

The whole set of Zero no Tsukaima along with Tabitha's Big Adventures and Kaze no Kishihime 

The still sealed ones are the new books(13~17)

Tabitha's Big Adventures 1~3(2 and 3 are new)

Strictly the new books

Kaze no Kishihime, I didn't expect that I'd get to buy this one this trip...I was so happy

Fully laid out! So I can see the covers!
1 Settings booklet and an Artbook
Kaze no Kishihime and the foldercase I bought with Louise' mother's picture on it

ZnT Anime DVDs

Season 3 box art
Season 3 box art

Season 3

more box...I must've been bored

Folder's backside

How beautiful they lay on my bookshelf

To Aru Majutsu no Index novels(new: 7~17+SS+SS02)

The new ones

Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica Crimson S(new: 6~8)

Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu(all new)

Fairytail Manga(all new), Keychain, Mug, Posters, Playing cards, Necklace, Pin

Fairytail Keychain from Gachapon


Toshoukan Sensou(all new)

One of them is my little sister(new)

Anedoki!(new, I love Kawashita Mizuki's works so I buy them all, even if this was cut short)

Angel Beats traveller's cup

Lucky Star 7 and 8(new)

Working 1~7(new)

Softenni! 1~3(new)

Seitokai Yakuin 1~4(new)

Bakuman 1~12(new)

Baka to Test figures with Fairytail keychains

F.I.R.'s albums, Mizuki Nana's new singles(Scarlet Knight and Pop Master), Best of alan, best of Hitomi Shimatani, 2 Ghibli remix albums

Tales of Vesperia PS3

I think I only spent around 600 to buy ALL of these, things sure are cheap there...

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