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Finally, the officially announced release date of September 8th, 2011, which shall mark the day where "Tales of" fans in North America crying out for not having a localization notice yet, but this is Namco Bandai we're dealing with...

Warning: Lots of videos

Amazing new systems in Xillia, completely revamped and made the old systems better.

Ayumi Hamasaki's new song - Progress

These are all the trailers so far for Tales of Xillia. I'm going to say that I am a very very big Tales of Series fan and I think this series is getting greater and greater, and while I went back to Taiwan last month, I see that Tales of Series is very popular there(and I guess in Asia). My Taiwanese friends are talking about getting Tales of Xillia and stuff like that, which makes me happy, and I do see many fans requesting Tales games to be localized, however, Bandai Namco handles the localization here and they are definitely not as good as Nippon Ichi or Atlus or even Aksys(I love Aksys now because Blazblue...duh). Tales of Series struggled to get localized, and there had been a 2 year starve of Tales games in North America, ever since Tales of Vesperia(Xbox 360) and Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World(Wii) came out.

Tales fans fought for more localization which started last summer, and the motion grew, it got intense, spamming the front page of Namco Bandai's facebook page every single day to make them give us Tales. After half a year, it actually worked, while practically every other company that localizes Japanese games said they would probably hop onto Tales if they can get the rights, Namco decided to fail with Enslaved and other games no one cares about.

That's enough for my rant right now, I should get on the background story shouldn't I?
Well, I'm lazy, so I'm just gonna copy the story from somewhere else

"The game is set in Liese Maxia, a world where humans and monsters coexist with spirits. The spirits support human civilisation by granting wishes, such as the ability to channel mana as Spirit Power, and in turn are protected by those wishes. The most powerful of these spirits is a being called Maxwell, though its true nature is unknown.
In Liese Maxia, there are two main countries vying for supremacy. La Shugall is an empire with a long history whose free use of Spirit Power has granted it incredible majesty and prosperity. A Jule is a developing country whose power is derived from the control of monsters and the might of its military.
Jude Mathis is a young medical student studying in Il Fan, the capital of La Shugall. After a large number of patients are admitted to his hospital following a failed Spirit Arte at a military base, he decides to investigate the cause and meets Milla Maxwell, a mysterious girl who is investigating the recent deaths of a number of spirits. Inside the base they discover a terrible secret and are forced to flee, pursued by La Shugall's military. Milla discovers that she has lost the ability to summon spirits, and the two are only saved thanks to the intervention of Alvin, a wandering mercenary.
Safe for now, the three of them decide to travel to the shrine Milla claims she originated from in order to redo a ritual that will help Milla regain her lost powers.
On their way, they stop by Jude's hometown of Lu Rondo and meet his childhood friend Leia Rolando, an apprentice nurse. She joins them to search for a valuable ore that is needed to cure a particular sickness within the town.

Now Namco Bandai promised us TWO Tales of games, which hopefully will be the key to unlocking more Tales of localization if the sales went well. dated Autumn we have Tales of the Abyss for 3DS coming, it is just a port and didn't really get too much of an upgrade unlike Tales of Vesperia PS3 edition.

Tales of the Abyss 3DS Trailer

After this we have Tales of Graces F for PS3 coming 2012, which I'm extremely excited about, but after watching the Xillia trailers, I just wish that Xillia also come over despite the fact that I'm ordering 2 premium editions of the Tales of Xillias releasing in Japan.

Tales of Graces F OP - Mamoritai: White Wishes by BoA

I'm blabbering on now, but after the Tales drought started Japan released I believe at least 6 Tales of games had released(Vesperia PS3, Graces, Graces F, Phantasia X, Radiant Mythology 3, VS) and 2 about to be released(Abyss 3DS, Xillia)

Tales of Phantasia X OP - Garasu no Hana by Oku Hanako

Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3 PV

Tales of VS PV

Tales of Vesperia OP - Ring a Bell by Bonnie Pink

It's really turning out to be a Tales of music fest in this thread now lol, but these should be all the unreleased Tales games PV/OP, which I've all played(yes I import, yes I have PSP, PS3, Wii, DS, 3DS, PS2 to handle all my Tales needs, because I actually buy systems based on whether or not Tales is on it)

Enough of random stuff, anyways, I guess this is enough, I'm sure I'd post quite a bit of Tales of related stuff on the blog again, maybe when I recieve the game or maybe if I decide to replay some old Tales game, we'll see. Until then~!

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