Cpop of the week - 黃小琥 沒那麼簡單

12:34 AM

黃小琥 - 沒那麼簡單(Not that easy)

Almost forgot to do this XD, been pretty busy the past few days working(ugh, just because of no school everyone throw their shifts at me, not that I don't want more money XD)

This is not a new song, this is actually from 2009, it is featured in her 簡單/不簡單 album which was released december 18th, 2009. 

I'm going to try to include some history of the singer as well because that last post felt like a 3 minute post, which shamefully it was probably a 3 minute post >.>

黃小琥(Tiger Huang) is a singer that got really famous for her long term singing for pubs, which gave her the title "The Queen of Pub"
She was born in 1963, June 21st(yeah, her birthday just passed! Which was why I wanted to use this song this week too) in Kaoshiung(高雄) City. 
Her strong, rich, and soulful voice are the reasons why she is where she is right now. Her neutral voice range allows for a great variety of songs and it allows her to have this unique voice in the Taiwanese pop circle.

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