Song of the Week - Fake Drugs

10:37 PM

Genius music video. Awesome song. Canadian band. What more can you ask for? Well, a couple million dollars wouldn't hurt...

Video contains content that may be inappropriate for some audiences. Viewer discretion is advised.

Title: Fake Drugs
Artist: Hollerado
Genre: Indie, Rock
Single: N/A
Album: Record in a Bag
Vintage: 09/02/10 ddmmyy

Kenn's Comment: Last week's was a local (for me at least) band, The Zolas, so here's one that's almost local for those on the Eastern half of Canada (only if you're in Ontario somewhere).

Like The Zolas, Hollerado is awesome. Was going to put up Juliette (still from Hollerado) but I remember Ivy telling me that it's been constantly on the radio (The Peak is a local station that plays lots local and indie artists; best station ever), so I went with this one. The chorus is great and the lyrics are pretty deep if you think about them a bit.

By the way, Hollerado's website is absolutely stunning. Jump to it here. Should probably note that both Juliette and Fake Drugs are available for free download on their site which I linked

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