Weekly Vocaloid Feature - 祭囃子

10:29 AM

Internet Co.'s newest roll out.

Title: 祭囃子, Matsuri Hayashi
Producer: buzzG
Genre: Vocarock
Vocaloid: GUMI_extend

Kenn's Comment: 囃子は、英語で何ですか。

Awesome song. The instrumentals are done by real people (TEST, guitar, Nakamura Kei, bass, 真矢, drums). GUMI sounds great too. This one's using the new _extend version, which is basically like Crypton's APPEND. Though I've read that the APPENDS sound too different from the original voice, so there are people who don't really like it too much. Extend, however, seems to just be an improvement on the existing voice, so they've taken a liking to it. And so have I. And I agree, the APPENDs can sound vastly different from the original voice, though they're pretty cool in that light too.

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