League of Legends Season 1 Championship @ Dreamhack Day 2 and 3 compilation + final comments

12:45 AM

From Riot's official website

It's over a while ago I know, I'm late on this, we all know Fnatic won(if you play this game and cares about it you would probably know)

I've gotta say that I'm disappointed for the final result and I was rooting for Team Solo Mid as they only sat at  third place while Epik Gaming sat at 4 and Counter Logic Gaming sat at 5(these are all the North American teams).

I find it absurd that an official tournament allowed a disconnect that lasted 3 minutes long because the computer at the tournament overheated and they did NOT restart the match, I believe this really hinders LoL as a competitive game in esports section because this is not suppose to happen and should've been restarted even if it did as a compensation, this is probably the main reason why Epik Gaming dropped their ball so early.

It is amazing to watch all these top tier players fight it out because their skill levels are all so close that their fights are intense and extremely amazing to watch, while hoping that I can do crazy stuff like them one day I have to say, good job all @ Dreamhack.

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