A Week with Kenn 97

2:00 PM

It's been a mighty long time since I last did one of these.

The view from the 3rd flood of the Birch Building. Below the glass is the cafeteria. Birch is one of the biggest buildings on campus.

Let's start with a recap. I've just finished summer classes (Japanese and English), and I have to say that it was incredibly difficult. Japanese wasn't that bad, but the course burned through material like a Hummer uses up fuel. English as well, but there was less material in English to cover; the time we had to do the assignments , however, were affected quite a bit.

Those who read those 'Minute with Kenn' posts will recognize this. Coffee with a piece of a chocolate orange melted in it. You might see more of those kinds of posts, as it's easier on me, especially when I don't really do anything in the summer.

This was a delicious drink. It tastes like one of those Asian jelly-cups with the fruit inside it (I think they're konnyaku). The drink is a 'sparkling malt soft drink', mango flavoured. I think the most interesting part of the drink is that it's from Egypt...and I found it at a Korean grocery store.

Yesterday's breakfast. Scrambled eggs with pan seared...I'm not sure what it is anymore. I think it's pork loin. That and buttered ciabatta bread. Was probably a bit too much.

The family (my dad, sister, cousins, aunt and uncle) left for Houston yesterday, which left me, my mom and brother to hold down the fort. I more or less handle the house, and my brother...well let's just say he has his own roles. Anywho, I'm watering my uncle's plants. He's got lots of them.

Luckily, the weather is a bit wet, so when I rains I can skip watering most of the plants. He does have a greenhouse where he keeps more fragile plants. There's quite a few of them in there, mainly exotic Asian plants that require warm, humid temperatures.

Example. Like this. Haven't the foggiest at what it is, but it looks pretty cool.

The inside is quite nice; it larger on the inside than it looks on the outside. The green house replaced our gazebo, which we drilled into the ground to keep from flying away. However, because it was drilled in, when it snowed, it'd collapse. Was quite a pain.

For more delicate plants, the watering can is the tool of choice. I'm quite adept at using this; all those hours in Harvest Moon and Rune Factory paid off, not.

For most of the other plants, like the trees, the hose with the shower head does the trick. The hose line is pretty heavy, hard to swing it around when I'm trying to move it.

More plants..

A lamp we have outside. It's ridiculously bright and more or less lights up the whole backyard. Makes spotting the dog wandering around in the night easier.

Told my uncle that pools like these would attract mosquitoes like flies to a dead body, but he said it'd be fine. I can already see a huge amount of larvae swimming around in there. Anyone know where I can find aquatic carnivorous plants?

My dad's beloved onion plant. It's gotten really big and he hates when people touch, especially the dog. 

And if you didn't catch my post way back in the early parts of the month, Zelos is the new Natural Force. Actually, he is Natural Force. He's using a new account, so I changed his name so that it'd work a bit better. Anywho, he's made a couple of posts this month, so be sure to check them out. His Gintama post (massive spoiler warnings) is great and his Taiwan post seems to be getting a good number of hits too. That's all for this post. 

The summer anime previews are still going to be rolling out like autobots, so keep your eyes peeled. Also, if you missed it, I added a page with all the previews to the group of links at the top of the page (not the circles). It's updated whenever I put up a new preview, so give it a visit to see what's going to be on starting in  July. 

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