Adventures In Taiko: Entry 1(like I'd keep count later on)

6:43 PM

My score on Scroll Mika today

I'm a Taiko no Tatsujin player, if you don't know what that is, it's basically a music rhythm game where you have to hit the "face" of Taiko(traditional Japanese drums) or the "side" of it. 

I'm not super good, but I'm able to tackle on almost any song in the arcade, except the 4 hardest songs right now. This picture is a full combo on Scroll Mika(Oni 10 star) which is a REALLY bad score considering that this is a full combo, I believe I've had 1.12 million before when I first full comboed it, but oh well~

I also full comboed Melt(yes, by Hatsune Miku) today and broke 1 mil barrier and took the record for myself, but I didn't bother taking a picture for that, and I'm the first one to leave the name down for "Taiko Time" in my local arcade, but it was a really terrible score like 530,000 ish, which is quite bad considering it is an Oni 10 star, which normally would sit much higher.

I'll post more of these when I go about playing the machine, hopefully I get to grab some records for myself later on too to share ^_^

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