Manga of the Week - 忘却の覇王ロラン

10:47 AM

Image from Square-Enix

Though it reminds me so very much of Mochizuki Jun's art, it is not.

Title: 忘却の覇王ロラン, Boukyaku no Haou Rolan, Rolan The Forgotten King
Author: Yoshino Takumi
Artist: Haduki Tsubasa
Genre: Shounen, Action, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery, Romance, Supernatural
Serialized in: Square Enix GanGan Online
Total Volume Count: 3 (ongoing)

Series Summary from MangaUpdates:
The selection of Rolan as the Commander of the Royal Family's Guard was a dangerous bet that could well undermine the survival of the empire. Around them, a mixture of mystery and speculation swirls to lead Rolan to his fate; LT Weapons, relics from The Lost World, Monsters appearing from History and the ambitions of Amenti, the leader of the Enemy forces.
Kenn's Comment: The art is real nice. Reminds me heavily of Pandora Hearts (Mochizuki), but the story and characters are quite different. Rolan is awesome too. Can't beat a bad-ass main character who isn't pumped full of testosterone.

Anywho,  I kind of just flipped through it quickly before putting this up, so I don't really have too much to say. 

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