Weekly Vocaloid Feature - できること acoustic

11:56 PM

Excuse my lateness. Was out all day, and then when I got home, it was game time (Canucks). Then dinner. And now my computer is derping itself half to death.

Title: できること, Dekirukoto, Something I can do (not sure about this translation)
Producer: AVTechNO!
Genre: Acoustic
Vocaloid: 巡音ルカ, 鏡音レン
Kenn's Comment: This blog's favourite producer returns to the spotlight!

Awesome song. Awesome purpose. All proceeds from purchases of the single (AVTechNO!'s できること) will go to the Pray for Japan charity and recovery efforts in Japan. Some other artists under the same label are also taking part in this. Check it out at KarenT's site. It's in both English and Japanese, so unless you can't read either of them, you shouldn't have any problems.

Miku does the original song, which is likely in AVTechNO's usual style, while Ruka and Ren do this acoustic version.

Ren is easily unnoticed in this song. He sounds so similar to Luka; not that it's a bad thing, of course. He sings the beginning, while Luka does the second half of the song. Gotta love AVTechNO!. 

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