Weekly Webcomics - シュバドレ劇場

8:09 PM

Image by Yosinoya35

I wish my Liligant was this adorable.

Title: シュバドレ劇場, ShubaDore Gekijou, Escavalier-Liligant Theatre
Artist: Yosinoya35
Genre: Comedy
Series: Pokemon
Characters: Liligant, Escavalier, Accelgor, others

Kenn's Comment: I used the English names of the Pokemon when translating the title, for the sake of translation. Doesn't work as well, unless you think Esca-Lili sounds good.

It's an adorable comic. Liligant is ridiculously cute, especially with her 'にや~ん'. Escavalier gets the butt end of most of gags, though Accelgor gets the short ends on several occasions. 

Cute, funny, more so if you've played Pokemon Black/White (though previous games still work).

Read it at Pixiv, or Danbooru.

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