Fall 2011 Anime Previews - 君と僕。

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A great, fun series. 

Title: 君と僕。, Kimi to Boku, You and I
Animation Production: J.C. Staff
Genre: Comedy, Romance, Slice of Life
Airs: 10/03 25:30 TV TOKYO
Website: http://www.kimiboku.tv/
Series Summary from MangaUpdates:
Shun, Kaname, and the twins Yuuki and Yuuta have been friends since kindergarten. It's a little hard to tell if they actually get along or not - but even as high-school students, they hang out together. Recently, they've had a new addition; a half-Japanese transfer student Chizuru, who has started to liven up the group. This manga is really just about their daily lives, which aren't particularly passionate or exciting. A tranquil and sometimes comedic story of youthful friendship...
Kenn's Comment: I originally thought that the series was shounen-ai due to the rather cryptic summary I read about it earlier (I'm not entirely a fan of that genre, though I'm tolerant of it and have read through a few series with it just for the record).

On to the topic about the series itself, it's a rather fluffy tale of the four (and eventually five's) daily lives and friendship. It'll be pretty hard to screw up imo, since you could more or less make anything up, so long as the character's keep their personalities. The manga is great; calm and without any needless drama and hot-blooded heroism. Not shounen-ai but will definitely attract fujoshi due to the cast.

PV: Two PVs at website. Link here. PVs are labeled as PV#. Best quality is on the site, YouTube's wasn't exactly spectacular, along with the fact I couldn't find anything related unless I searched in English. 

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