Disgaea 4 Character Figurine Limited Edition Unboxing!

10:13 PM

It's a box...!?

I thought through the possibilities of what this could be...?(didn't read the tag yet)
This doesn't look like my Ayumi Hamasaki's new album, so I suppose this is...DISGAEA 4!!!

So it's time for unboxing post(duh)

OST first

Game box!

Opened the inside...

The heck is this XD

Kind of like a settings book, with character illustrations and voice actor interviews

The premium figure with the game!

Looks...not so good imo really...=/


Figure set!

It's like a gachapon box set!

Val actually looks AWESOME!

<3! Vulcanus

Fenrich is so hot too!

Prinny, everyone love Prinnies!

Desco looks good too

Flonne <3

more Flonne <3

All together!

well, time to go play the game XD!

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