Fall 2011 Anime Previews - たまゆら

10:39 PM

Image by Shirabiso

A TV series of the 4 episode OAV by acclaimed director, Satou Junichi.

Title: たまゆら, Tamayura
Animation Production:Hal Film Maker
Genre: Comedy, Slice of Life
Airs: 10/03 09:00 AT-X
Website: http://www.tamayura.info/
Series Summary from ANN:
For her first year of high school, Fu Sawatari moves to Takehara, a scenic old town near Hiroshima, on the Inland Sea. Her father, who has passed away, grew up in Takehara. She loves taking photographs with her father's old film camera, a Rollei 35S. The story follows her and the friends who gather around her as she comes to love her new home. 
Kenn's Comment: I loved the 4 episode OAV. Lighter than ARIA was, but still bringing the same kind of feeling. This one is Junichi's original work, penned by the man himself. His style oozes from this one, which is a very, very good thing. If memory serves me correct, like ARIA and Umi Monogatari, this one will likely be another of his 'healing' anime, that is, immensely enjoyable, light series that are calm and soothing. If you haven't guessed from the fact that Potte Fu has a Rollei 35S, this series is has quite an emphasis on photography. I'm not entirely familiar with the specifics of photography, so I'm not entirely sure about how accurate this can be. I couldn't find a PV for the TV series, so I'm giving you guys the OP of the OAV series. It should look more or less the same way the TV series will. And yes. That's a cat.


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