Weekly Vocaloid Feature - だってだってだって

7:52 AM

More GUMI this week!

Title: だってだってだって, Datte Datte Datte, Because Because Because
Producer: タカノン
PV: こみね
Genre: Pop
Vocaloid: GUMI

Kenn's Comment: A lot of the Vocaloid songs as of late..not too many of them have stood out as being awesome. It's been getting kind of hard to find ones that are great. I've found, though, that when things start getting rough, GUMI usually shines through. Not sure why this is, but GUMI's always around when you need her.

This one's a cute one. The PV is great too. All of タカノン's songs (the ones I know at least) are great and quite upbeat, so it's nice to a fall back for when things get rough.

I hear Vocaloid 3 is in the works and set for release in October or something like that. I'll have a look into it before I post anything (or even if I post anything). 

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