A Week with Kenn 100

7:06 PM


Haven't done one of these in a long time. Truth be told, I haven't been really doing that's worth blogging as of late, so I've been waiting until I find something worth putting up as the big 100th one. But that doesn't seem to be happening, so I'll put one up.

Found this sucker crawling around on the walls late one night. Was up watching anime when I spotted this one. Click the image to blow it up and view the spider in it's rather large, hairy glory.

Also recently managed to procure a bottle of Amazake. Not entirely show how one should enjoy this, so if anyone reading happens to know good ways of drinking this (minus sticking in a blender with other stuff), by all means, please do share. Anywho, the sushi restaurant I go to often (Sakura Sushi) happens to sell Amazake by the bottle, so I figured I might as well try it out after hearing about it in anime and manga. It's...certainly a taste that must be acquired for those of us who haven't grown up with it. 

I hear it's a great drink, health wise. Gave the label for those interested. It's more or less got nothing in it, so I guess it's great with konnyaku! 

My aunt made these. It's like jello, except it's got bits of stuff stuff inside it. I think it's coconut and mung beans. The fish was missing an eye, so I decided to push a loose bean into where the eye was supposed to go...but the jello pushed it back out, resulting in a rather...grotesque sight.

This morning's breakfast. Pulled pork sandwich, except I stuffed it inside of a croissant. Delicious. Pulled pork is a shoulder that's been in the slow cooker with a bunch of other stuff for like 20 years (half a day would be closer) and then drenched in a barbecue sauce we made.

Picked this one up last week. Story wise, it's about as generic as you can get. The voice acting...well, let's just say I'm putting up with it for now. It's a direct sequel to the first game, and even includes a remastered version of the first game on the same disk.

I'd love to be playing it right now, but our TV died yesterday. After a good 10-14 years of service, it finally kicked the bucket. The screen had been flashing white and being a bit messed up as of late, but I didn't think it's time had come. This thing is an elephant of a TV. It's huge and equally as heavy. Not even sure it'll fit through the door when we get a new one. Got to find the nearest electronics recycling center...

Well that's more or less my week and a bit in a nutshell. Tune in next time when I find more stuff to talk about.

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