Fall 2011 Anime Previews - HunterXHunter

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Looks...not as good as the old one from the poster, but I'll not judge it yet

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Title: Hunter X Hunter, ハンターxハンター
Animation Production: Madhouse
Genre: Shonen, Action, Adventure, Drama,
Airs: 10/2 10:55 NTV

Series Summary:
       Gon, a 12 year old boy whose parents were said to be both deceased, finds out from a "Hunter" named Kite that his father, Gin, is still alive, and so he decides on becoming a Hunter himself and search for his father. In this world, many special and different species of creatures and undiscovered danger lurks everywhere, and Hunters, ranging from different profession, from treasure hunters, archaeologists, food hunters, Black List Hunters, ...etc. are the symbol of the strongest people inside this world...
Zelos' Comment: 
       This is a reboot of the series, there was already an older Hunter X Hunter anime series from the past back in 1999, which spanned over 62 episodes and 3 OVA series(covering Yorkshin city part 2, Greed Island). The second series, which is a reboot like Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, will run for over 45 episodes, however, that could mean that we're sure we'll be done with Yorkshin, if rushed Greed Island, which have been animated already, meaning that it is pointless for a reboot unless they manage to get to Chimera Ants arc. The animation is handled by Madhouse which means quality control, which is great. I'm currently pessimistic about this reboot, but I won't judge it until it is released, we all know the new Hisoka CV won't be as awesome as the old one though. I highly suggest anyone interested in watching this reboot as a first time HXH approach to watch the old one first, the OVA parts are rushed and is actually not good qualitywise or pacewise.

Kenn's Comment: 
      I admit. I know nothing about HunterXHunter, which is why I asked Zelos to do it. Great idea, eh? Anywho, I'm not entirely sure if watching the first series would be the greatest plan of assault, but if you're in it for the sake of comparison, by all means go ahead. I'm sure it'd work equally as well if you followed the reboot up with the first season. Either way, as long as you watch both, you're probably good. Wasting space here because I'm about as familiar with HXH as I am with quantum-physics. 

tl;dr watch the old one and the new one. I don't have a clue what I'm saying.

Series 1 OP:

Amazing OP btw

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