Cpop of the week - F.I.R. 月牙灣

1:46 PM

image from their third album cover

No sadly I did not forget it this week, this is the band that I absolutely adore, because of their ability. They came out advertising themselves as a creating band, since they compose all their own music and in Taiwan, many artists don't do that, and the fact that their songs are amazing secured their popularity.

This is the song I'm going for this week, Crescent Bay

This is from their 4th album "Love Diva"
We can hear some of Faye(the vocalist)'s high and skillful lines and it's a great example of their style in general
F.I.R. is consisted of 3 members, Faye(Vocalist), Ian(Keyboard, composer), Real(Guitarist)
the band name came from their English names, but it also means Fairyland In Reality
Anyhow, to show off Faye's vocal skills

This is an amazing song...she shows off her vocals skills, and this level of skill is rare in Taiwan, since Taiwanese singers are mostly packaged idols.
Well, I'll just throw in a third song for the heck of it.

This is the song that got them famous.
This is the first song the public heard about them, and it was just so epic they instantly got famous, not surprising eh?

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