Cpop of the week - 楊丞琳: 我們都傻

8:40 PM

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This is a rather new song I'm posting, but I find it amazing. I've been listening to this song over and over today and I feel like I MUST post it. My friend sang this at the karaoke last week too, it's pretty awesome <3

This is the rebirth of 楊丞琳(Rainie Yang)
Ever since her debut in 2000 she was the new "cute" goddess of Taiwanese entertainment circle. This new album "仰望(Looking Up)" shows a much more mature woman compared to when she was 17 years old. She improved her singing skills and acting skills throughout her career and successfully stayed in the industry for 11 years now. The song is created for the drama "醉後決定愛上你(After being drunk I've decided to fall in love with you[literal translations suck])" and it was so successful this MV was made. This was not the main hit song in the album so it didn't have an MV to go with it, but many people already filmed their own or edited their own version of the MV before this was made. So then they decided to let people mail them a script for the MV, and they received well over 10,000 mails, and then finally this MV was made. 

I've adored her in drama and her songs ever since her debut, I found her very cute. However, this album is a total spin on direction and I absolutely loved her new style as well. Her improved acting and singing brought more emotions than before. This is the song that got her famous in the first place:

I personally still prefer to see her cute like this, but the new style ain't to bad XD

This is my favourite song from her, she's SO adorable here ><

Well, that's it for this week =d, so cute <3

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