Weekly 東方 Doujin - 夢の東方タッグ編

7:47 PM

Image by Dei Shirou

東方 meets wrestling in this comic series by Dei Shirou. Mei Ling is the best.

Title: 夢の東方タッグ編, Yume no Touhou Tag Hen, Touhou Tag Dream Book
Artist: Dei Shirou
Genre: Action, Sports
Characters: Everybody. Seriously.

Description from Danbooru:
Yukari discovers the classic wrestling manga "Kinnikuman" and decides to host a tag-team wrestling tournament. The residents of Gensokyo begin to pair off and train...
Kenn's Comment: 
Those familiar with Kinnikuman (Ultimate Muscle) will have a field day with this one, as there are copious references of that series (including certain characters reading it). It's highly entertaining, but my only gripe about it would be that certain characters are protected by plot, more or less. By that, I mean that characters that would technically be able to win, don't win and usually lose when they're distracted by something. I know it's wrestling (much of it is scripted), but it does get ridiculous sometimes (especially with a certain princess). It's quite long, and I initially stayed away from it due to the wrestling aspect (not a fan of wrestling). Give it a spin though, it's definitely worth it for Touhou fans.

Read it over at Pixiv, or Danbooru

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