DD Saber Alter 2nd Ver. & Fate/EXTRA Ver.

11:28 PM

Image courtesy of Dollfie Blog

If only I was a bajillionaire.

Compared to many other blogs out there, I am late in providing these newly released pictures of the most recent hype in the DD community. Who are these stunning vinyl beauties that many wish to own but never will? Dollfie Dream Saber Alter 2nd Ver. and Fate/EXTRA Ver. Saber Nero.

I'm usually not very knowledgeable with how the process of ordering limited DDs work, as I figured that I would never have enough saved for the time of their release anyway and probably end up paying thousands later to get them in a fight-for-your-life auction. However, the community is buzzing and I am all ears.

Pre-orders for them will start tomorrow and anyone, they mean ANYONE, will have a chance to place your order to own them until the 30th of October.
Saber Alter will be 62,000 yen.
Saber Nero will be 69,000 yen.

Oh how I pray I have the money to keep up with limited releases. Unfortunately, I know that I will have to eventually fish out maybe thrice the original price to own my own Saber.

Volks and I, we have a love hate relationship.

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