Weekly 東方 Doujin - 紅魔学園

9:36 PM

Image by Rapattu

Weekly Webcomics returns!!!!

Title: 紅魔学園, Scarlet Devil School
Artist: Rapattu
Genre: Alternate World, Comedy, Slice of Life
Characters: Everyone

Description from Danbooru:
Same universe as Four Season Family, but seen from the view other students of the school.

Kenn's Comment: I feel that I've put the Four Season Family one up before, but I don't seem to be able to find it. Anywho, this one is a spin off of said series, focusing on everyone else. That's about right. Remilia and Reimu seem to take up the most number of scripts (Remilia being a fairly major character in Four Seasons, and Reimu...well she's Reimu.) It's a fun read, even for those not familiar with the Four Seasons comics (there may be a few jokes you won't get). Like it's parent series, everything is rather..down to Earth, save for the exception of Youki; everyone is essentially human, and any horns or animal ears are attached to hairbands.

Read it over at Pixiv, or Danbooru.

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