Weekly Vocaloid Feature - ときめきポータブル

5:03 PM

An adorable GUMI song.

Title: ときめきポータブル, Tokimeki Portable
Producer: Starving Trancer
Genre: Pop
Vocaloid: GUMI

Kenn's Comment: There were more people involved in the song, but all credits are given in the video description. I've seen Starving Trancer before from EXIT TUNES, so I'm guessing they're a group.

Anywho, the song itself is cute and rather calm. I don't think it'll do Top 3 for the Weekly Rankings, but it'll probably be charted at least. It's a nice change from what I often see GUMI used in (rock-pop rock songs) though I still like GUMI's voice slightly lower; I think it sounds better. The PV is simple, but that's one of it's charm points.

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