SOOM Monthly Dolls: Borol & Marl, Brother & Sister

11:02 PM

Image courtesy of SOOM

Now, this blog has officially been Soomed!

As the title states, Borol and Marl are this month's Monthly Dolls (MD) released by Soom. They're ordering period started on the 22nd of this month and will go until the 12th of October.

The basic package includes
  • Little Gem body
  • open eyed head
  • romantic head
  • horns and hooves
Optional additions include
  • oak wand and special hands
  • additional Little Gem body
  • face up options of either one, or both heads
  • body blushing options
  • eyes
  • wigs
  • outfit
  • cloak
  • shoes
All of the above are limited edition items, just like the doll. The basic package with no additional items would be $395.00USD. The entire package with all additional items included would cost $1,098.00USD.

As for me, I have plans to adopt a Borol on layaway. My poor wallet for the next three months ;~;

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