2010 - A Year with Kenn

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Lol. Greatest OP pic this year.

Anywho, this will be a long, image heavy post. I've tried to cut the amount of photos I used for this because mass uploading is like pulling teeth.

In this post, I'll be looking back at the year of 2010.

It's been a big year for me. Lots of things happened, lots of things got done. Had to sift through literally hundreds of photos to pick which ones represented the most conscious summary of the year. I also somehow found that I lost a lot of photos somehow. Pretty much everything before June of this year...I'm having problems finding on my machine. I know it's there...somewhere.

Anywho, I'm linking to corresponding posts, so read those for more information and detail.

The beginning of 2010 was also the beginning of A ____ with Kenn. I left it blank because it originally was A Day with Kenn, but as the workload piled up, intervals between those posts grew and it became a Week with Kenn.  It's been running ever since, albeit on a much more irregular basis nowadays, and has reached a healthy 90 posts so far. Considering I don't get out much, it's quite the feat.

2010 also marked the change of template. I went from a basic template to this gorgeous one by Design Disease. Can't seem to find the first post that I did under the new template, but I'm sure it was somewhere in March-April-May time wise. I'm thinking of changing it up a wee bit this year. Knowing me, I'll get it done...eventually.

 I also recruited Natural Force, a friend from high school, and Utumin, a long time friend met through a Ragnarok Online (I've got lots of friends from that one game). Natural disappeared after a couple posts. He didn't feel that my target audience was the same as the one he had hoped I had attracted. He did start a post a couple months ago, but he once again slipped back into the shadows. It was Angel Beats! related, so it wasn't all that long ago.

Utumin more or less joined solely to blog about his Japan Trip...I assume, since he hasn't been seen on the blog...outside of the comments at least.

I'm probably going to have to take those two off, since they're probably not going to be making any posts anytime soon.

As I said earlier, most, if not all, of my photos from January to May seem to have disappeared, so my year-long summary will start from June.  And with June, comes Kenn day - I mean my birthday. This lovely bottle tower is my current record for stacking bottles. It's at 6. I've done higher, but they've all collapsed fairly quickly. This one lasted several days.

The summer also saw my cousins down in Texas fly up to the 604. I have to say we probably could've put on a better show, but those who knew the city were busy, and those who didn't happened to be free. Anywho, we went Shiner fishing down at Jericho Beach while they were here. Caught a bunch of little fish, commonly used as bait for larger ones, using lines, hooks and some bait. I didn't catch any myself, but I was perfectly content just taking photos. My multi-tool also saw some of the most action in it's lifetime...though it was disinfected with vinegar and boiling water the moment I got home.

Older cousin took us all the way out to Castle Fun Park, out somewhere in Abbotsford. Fun place if you're 8 years old. Not so much if you're 18 years old.

Also dragged everyone up to the Quay. I think it may have been my first time up there too, though I find myself there everyday on my way up to the university. There's great food up there, with an international food court and a small, but nice selection of shops.

The summer with the Texan cousins also saw the infamous Scunt. Oh Scunt, how very fickle you can be. It can either be loads of fun, or one of the most frustrating things that exist depending on your team. If I could get the Jamboree as a team, I'm sure we'd rock the Scunt.

In August, the Japanese Festival rolled around. It's held in what was once Japan Town before it was over run by an angry mob of not-Asian citizens. It's a bit lacking to say the least, but it's something celebrating the rich heritage the Japanese have in Vancouver. Just as a little tidbit, it's touted that the only authentic Shinto shrine is located on Vancouver Island. Might go again next year, but it's likely to be more or less the same. Here's to hoping Izzy doesn't make me eat takoyaki with my hands again.

 Also went garage diving sometime in the summer. Can't remember exactly when, but this was the fruit of my efforts. Beautiful Power Rangers memorabilia from the mid and late 90's. This stuff sells for arms, legs and kidneys these days.

This year wasn't as big on Figma acquisitions as last year was. Now that I think about, maybe it was.
More photos of Miyafuji over in the blog post, here.  

 I honestly didn't like a lot of the photos I took of Shana. I didn't swap her face out too much and she looks kind of funny. Plus her skirt is fluttering for action shows, so I got a lot of panchira in shots where she was supposed to be standing still.

Luka just came out, so I'll have to look for her as well as Rin's other half, Ren. Once I get those two, my Vocaloid figma reunion can begin! That aside, Rin's glossy plastic is a bit off setting when she's next two 7 other matte characters.

I was deciding whether I wanted Canaan or Ein more. Looks like I went with Ein

Lets not forget about the lovely Black Rock Shooter now, shall we? I don't think I ever did a photo shoot for her. Poor girl. I did take a couple lovely shots of her though. Let's ogle at them shall we?
Ivy got Dead Master for Christmas, so now she has both BRS and Dead Master. I know got BRS in the fall, but I wanted to keep all the figma together for sake of organization.

Started my first visual novel sometime back in May. Started with Wanko to Kursaou. A nice introduction into the world of visual novels. If I could read Japanese, I'd try and become the capturing god.

Went and finish all the good ends of The Sagara Family. I'm too scared to play the Bad End routes. ;o; I don't want Sanae to hate me.

The summer was a doozy. It was a whole lot hotter than usual. Found our dog cooling off in the shade when it got too warm inside. 

Dug these bad boys out a couple months ago. I don't think you can find them anymore these days. Plastic models of ZOIDS, with a wind up motor inside. The Liger Zero (center) is equipped with a battery powered motor. I actually still remember the TV commercial for that one.

2010 also saw the wonderful launch of my side project blog, 625 x 365. It's a photoblog that was supposed to be like a photo diary of my days, but it's been losing steam as of late. I'm going to keep trying to make this work out by the end of my goal next October.

My bookshelf is a whole lot more filled these days. I'm actually running out of space. I didn't think it'd fill so quickly, though I think that if I were to get another shelf to put all my figma, it'd free up a lot of space.

Just putting this out there. Anyone know what kind of insect this is? It's a beetle of sorts, that much I can deduce on my own.

I found myself holed up in rooms not too different from this whenever I'm up at the university. Specifically on Fridays, where I stay up there to practice for several hours. I believe the longest I've ever stayed in one room was for at least 4-5 hours.

This has to be one of my fondest memories of this year. Seeing X JAPAN live in concert. I don't think anything will match that level of excitement and anticipation..or the energy of the crowd (though the energy could've been better).  I've got a couple videos from the concert over at my YouTube channel (which needs lots of work, but I never use it so ignore the plain-ness.)

I also got this lovely book. Weej is jealous~. Ivy has one too. This gorgeous Pandora Hearts Art book sits on my shelf. It's not shelved, so as to keep the gold foil from scraping off. 

 Spot Domo.

Came into the possession of this lovely little model kit. She's still half built, but I'm working on finishing her...by the time Duke Nukem Forever comes out.


Teasing you all with some of the nom-ilicious foods I've consumed over the course of this year. Or at least I'd like to tease you all. I'm starving while typing this out, and all that food is making this a whole lot more work than it should be.

 The year would be complete without Christmas. Got this lovely ocarina from Songbird Ocarina on Christmas eve. Still learning how to play it, though I can play the Song of the Time well enough to make Link himself proud.

 And you can't beat jamming on the melodica. The horse mask with the hose will likely etch nightmares into the minds of children, but it's the only way I can play it with the mask on.

 And so we've come to the end of this post. There was so much more I wanted to talk about, but I don't want to make this post a long rambling of stuff I regret, stuff I want, or stuff I can't remember. I could've gone back and pulled pictures out from my Picasa account, but I've done that before, and it's a royal pain in the nether regions. I'd like to do an anime post next, but we'll see on how much I can get done before the 2010 passes me by.

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