Weekly Webcomic - いちどだけできたら

1:32 AM

It's been a while since this feature had something not Touhou related.

Update: CM9 for 魔法少女まどか★マギカ is out on the official site. I've provided a link under PV in the linked post. The new PV is roughly 15 seconds long, but is fully animated unlike the previous eight. Speaking of 8, CM8 is a preview of the OP and ED, by ClariS and Kalafina respectively.

Title: いちどだけできたら, If I Had Just One Chance
Artist: Koyama Shigeru
Genre: Picture book

Description: Narrated by Maa-chan (the little girl) about what she would do if she had one chance to do anything.

Kenn's Comment: Koyama Shigeru is one of my favourite artists on Pixiv. I may lack the ability to read his works without the help of translations, but his art is always so ridiculously cute, and his stories are always so heart warming. I believe the last time I had a work of Koyama's up it was Mamange way back in July. Expect some more from him because his work are just so damn good.

Bt dubs, this reminds me of Robert Munsch's Love You Forever. It's a beautiful story and if you haven't read it yet, I highly suggest you get to it. I remember my grade 2 teacher crying when she was reading it to the class.

xD Didn't think I'd have to say this, but make sure you read through the whole thing (meaning every page) before making any judgments about the manga or characters in the manga.

Read it @ Danbooru, or over at Pixiv.

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