Song of the Week - This Will be Our Year

12:37 PM

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Be sure to help celebrate New Year's by reading my look back at the year that was.

Title: This Will be Our Year
Artist: The Zombies
Genre: Pop (baroque pop according to Wikipedia)
Single: This Will Be Our Year
Album: Odessey and Oracle (typo intended)
Vintage: 03/68 (yes, that's 1968)

Kenn's Comment: There are a bunch of covers of this song. I've got OK GO's cover sitting around somewhere. Anywho, this is a great song from way back in the days when British bands stormed America like the allies stormed the beaches on D-Day.

Figured this would be a good song to use as the last Song of the Week for 2010. That's really saying something, huh. Anywho, let's make sure 2011 will be our year!

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