Song of the Week - Hold On

12:48 AM

Hopes, prayers and as much good will as I can muster goes out to those affected by the earthquake that hit Japan today.

Title: Hold On
Artist: David Choi
Genre: Indie
Single: N/A
Album: Only You
Vintage: ...I'm not actually sure. But not from this year for sure.

Kenn's Comment: David dedicated the song just recently to the relief efforts currently underway in the land of the rising sun. Unless you've somehow been disconnected from ever possible means of communication (in which you're still somehow able to read this) you should know by now that Japan was hit by a massive earthquake off the north-eastern coast, near Sendai. 

You're better off hearing from a news agency. I recommend these:

You can also contribute to the aid operation by donating to your preferred charitable organization. Remember to donate to trusted ones who you know will put your money to work and not run off with it and hit the pubs. The Salvation Army and International Red Cross, or your country's Red Cross organization are great choices.

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