Spring Anime Previews 2 - 日常

11:08 AM

Image by Tony

I usually use images that are nice and enticing to make you read the rest of it. I couldn't find one for this series, so please, read the rest of this.

Title: 日常, Everyday
Genre: Comedy, Slice of Life
Animation Studio: Kyoto Animation (KyoAni)
Airs: 04/02 26:20

Series Summary from ANN:
While the title suggests a story of simple, everyday school life, the contents are more the opposite. The setting is a strange school where you may see the principal wrestle a deer or a robot's arm hide a rollcake. However there are still normal stories, like making a card castle or taking a test you didn't study for.
Kenn's Comment: This could be great, or could be a miss. The manga itself seems to be popular, clocking in with 6 volumes and still rolling along. It's absurdities make it entertaining, but after a while, they become a tad bit ridiculous. It's Kyoto Animation, so it'll look nice, and the animation is nice. The colouring is soft, giving a very...nice look. I don't know how to describe it; it's almost like a pencil crayon look? Anywho, just watch the PVs and judge for yourself.

I have to say it. This will be up against Studio Gokumi's adaptation of KurodaBb's A Channel (next in line for previews).


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