Weekly 東方 Doujin - のらみこ霊夢

8:40 PM

Image by Eijima Moko

Hnng.. My heart. Hnnggg. My nutbladder. Though the 4 koma is much more based on Remilia. 

Title: のらみこ霊夢, Nora Miko Reimu, Stray Miko Reimu
Artist: Jeno
Genre: Comedy, Slice of Life
Characters: Remilia Scarlet, Hong Meiling, Hakurei Reimu, et al.

Series Description from Danbooru:
In a modern-setting Gensokyo, Meiling and Remilia adopt a stray Miko-Reimu.
Kenn's Comment: Adorable comic. Reimu's cuteness will punch holes through your pancreas and melt your liver. It was hard recognizing Remilia at first though. Could've been Satori for all I knew.

The comedy is great, often involving 'what the heck is a baby miko anyways?', and Reimu's actions at Remi's place punched a hole through my gallbladder.

Seriously, this is super cute. Read it. Nao.

Read it over at Pixiv, or at Danbooru

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