Spring Anime Previews 1 - アスタロッテのおもちゃ

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Title: アスタロッテのおもちゃ, ロッテのおもちゃ, Astarotte no Omocha, Lotte no Omocha, Astarotte's Toy,
Genre: Seinen, Comedy, Ecchi, Fantasy
Animation Studio: Diomedea
Airs: 04/10 23:30
Official Website: Rotte-Omocha

Series Summary: 
While job hunting, Naoya is taken by a mysterious girl to a magical land where he is installed in the harem of Queen Lotte. Thanks to trauma from her childhood, she hates men and surrounds herself with lots of other women, who all have quirks of their own. In spite of her selfishness, when Naoya learns that Lotte is really quite lonely he agrees to stay in her world.
Kenn's Comment:
キタ━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━!!!!!! What could be better? Loli. Loli everywhere!

That out of my system, the manga series is by Haga Yui, probably better known as an h-artist. It's got a nice storyline, and great art. Okama handles the visual design (whatever that means), and if you don't recognize the name, he's the one behind the art of Cloth Road.

The character design sticks to Haga's art (a good thing because his characters were great), allowing me to enjoy it without cringing at changed character designs.

Astarotte (Rotte): Kugimiya Rie
Asuha: Tamura Yukari
Judit: Nabatame Hitomi
Efi: Horie Yui
Zelda: Fujimura Ayumi

Naoya: Satou Rina
Qoo: suzuki Misaki
Melchelida: Minaguchi Yuko

You can hear a sample of their voices on the website under 'Characters'. Note that only the top 5 have previews up.

I shall say that I look forward to this with baited breath.


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