Spring Anime Previews 8 - 銀魂 (2011)

2:03 AM

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Computer's being absurdly slow atm. Like, I'm not even joking. I can finish typing up a paragraph by the time it shows up.

Title: 銀魂 (2011), Gintama (2011)
Animation Production: Sunrise
Genre: Shounen, Action, Adventure, Comedy, Historical, Science Fiction
Airs: 04/04 18:00 TV TOKYO

Kenn's Comment: The greatest series evar continues!! I admit that I didn't watch too many episodes of the first series, but of the series I did watch, I loved them all. The comedy is hilarious and the action is great. I mean, what could get better than aliens and samurai? Really looking forward to this because the preview had some of my favourite arcs included. Also, it's likely to be broadcasted on Crunchyroll, as the first series was on there too (I think).


English sub here.

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