Weekly Webcomics - 魔法少女勧誘会社に勤めているんだが、もう俺は限界かもしれない

10:47 PM

Image by Momiji Mao

For a moment there, I actually felt bad for Kyuubey!

Title: 魔法少女勧誘会社に勤めているんだが、もう俺は限界かもしれない, I'm working for a mahou shoujo recruitment company, but I think I might be at my limit
Artist: Momiji Mao
Genre: Parody, Tragedy?
Series: Puella Magi Madoka Magika

Description from Danbooru: 
Name is an allusion to a 2ch thread about a guy working for a shady company.
Kenn's Comment: Danbooru description didn't help much did it. Anywho, the comics are about Kyuubey in a white collar salaryman. Shit hits the fan and things get serious. And thus begins the saga of Kyuubei. It even works in the series too. Kind of.

It's similar to other stories that result in a character becoming a villain.

Read it over at Pixiv or at Danbooru

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