Spring Anime Previews 13 - Dororonえん魔くん メ~ラめら

9:12 PM

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I'm sure anyone watching this is either watching it for nostalgia's sake (it's a remake) or for Yukiko.

Title: Dororonえん魔くん メ~ラめら, Dororon Enma-kun Meeramera
Genre: Shounen, Ecchi, Comedy, Horror, Supernatural
Animation Studio: Brains Base
Airs: 04/07 26:10 MBS

Official Site: Starchild Enma-kun

Series Summary from ANN:
It's Tokyo in the 1970s, and evil youkai (goblins) are attacking the human world. The "Youkai Patrol" - Enma, Princess Yukiko, Kapaeru, and Grandpa Shappo - are sent from hell to exterminate them.
Kenn's Comment: The summary from ANN got localized. Names are Enma, Yukiko Hime, Kapaeru and Chapeuji (portmanteau of chapeau and oji).

Anywho, the manga is by Nagai Go, which means it's not for children. He's the grand daddy of fanservice, being one of the pioneers of the art. You can more or less credit him with the the way shounen manga has been going as of late. The manga is littered with all sorts of nude scenes and even gets quiet close to a tentacle rape scene, thanks to Yukiko being a token female character. That being said, I'm sure the remake of the original anime (which aired in '73) is going to tone it down several hundred notches.

That aside, not sure how much I want to watch this. I'm sure it'll be fairly episodic, with Yukiko more or less getting captured like Princess Peach, just ending up naked about 2000% more. That's Nagai Go for ya!


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