Special Vocaloid Feature - Pray For

5:07 PM

Special Vocaloid feature. Won't impact this week, but I couldn't wait until Saturday to put it up.

Title: Pray for
Producer: Pray for Japan
Video: ASKA
Vocaloid: 初音ミク, 巡音ルカ, GUMI

Kenn's Comment: Quite a powerful song when you understand the lyrics. When Miku sings 「百四十文字の僕の祈りを」 (My prayer has 140 characters), it's a reference to Twitter (#prayforjapan). 

I've said it before, you can donate to the efforts at your favourite organization; Red Cross is always a good option. 

On a less serious note, the chorus sounds great. Also, there are lots of song with the prayforjapan tag on them, so you can search those up if you like. Just though this one sounded the best of them.

Subtitles by Moetron. Included so that everybody can understand it.

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