Weekly Vocaloid Feature - ブリリアント◇ダイアモンド

2:30 AM

This one's for the ladies.

Title: ブリリアント◇ダイアモンド, Brilliant◇Diamond
Producer: ぱんたんP (PantanP)
Genre: Pop
Vocaloid: KAITO, 氷山キヨテル, がくっぽいど, 鏡音レン

Kenn's Comment: Len doesn't fit in. His voice is too high and he doesn't look very good in that style. Gakupo, Kaito and Kiyoteru is awesome though. Gakupo's dashing as always too. The three of them sound very similar though, so I guess having Len's high voice isn't that bad.

The song is pretty good too. The voices are done well, and I still think Len looks really bad in this. Sorry, but I can't get over how bad he looks.

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