Weekly 東方 Doujin - ちびフラン

4:19 PM

Image by ichimi

Sorry about last week...and the week before. Life drop kicked me in the narls wearing concrete steel-studded golf cleats. 

Title: ちびフラン, Chibi Flan
Artist: ichimi
Genre: Comedy
Characters: Everyone at SDM

Series Description: Flandre has shrunk and Remilia sets out to be a better sister. 

Kenn's Comment: Sorry about that terribad description, but that's more or less the gist of it. It's ridiculously cute and funny to boot. Filled with '"d'awww" moments and moments that'll make you laugh. I should note that there isn't a whole lot of fanservice inside. I can think of maybe one instance, maids not being counted. 

Anywho, give this one a read if you think Remilia's charisma breaks are great. Or a small Flan. 

Read it over at Pixiv or at Danbooru。Only linked to Danbooru because I can't find how to isolate the manga alone on Pixiv. 

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