Song of the Week - Love Song

2:42 PM

Image from AsianPopcorn

Hey, I'm back! It's been a while since I did a Song of the Week. I haven't really been keeping up with music as of late, so I didn't put one up. Anyways, here's one that proves I'm still on top of things!

Artist: BIG BANG
Genre: Pop
Single: BIG BANG Special Edition Mini Album 4
Album: BIG BANG Special Edition Mini Album 4
Vintage: 08/04/11

Kenn's Comment: I dunno, the song reminds me of a TRAX's 오! 나의 여신님. I know it's not really too far off what the BIG BANG usually do, but it certainly does sound different from their other songs. Or maybe I've been listening too much to 마지막 인사 and 하루 하루. It's a great song though, and I'm happy that they're back! Enjoy!

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