A Day with Kenn 94

6:45 PM

Spring has come and school has gone. Finished up my last final yesterday, and I'm about as free as a free run chicken.

Photo taken at Waterfront Park in North Vancouver. In the distance is downtown Vancouver. Was also a tidal pool I wanted to check out, but I didn't want to run around on the rocks.

Closer shot of downtown Vancouver. The white sails are part of the Pan Pacific hotel. Tallest building should be the Shangri-la hotel, and if you look carefully, the building with the green roof should be the convention center.

I took these photos after my final on Tuesday. I had an orthodontist appointment some couple hours after the final, so I took some shots to kill time.

Murky water with that funky sea weed reminds me of Hexadecimal from Reboot.

Closest I got to the tidal pool. I'm not on the rocks, and I was still quite far. Praise to zooming lens. Was planning to go down to the pier, but it was rocking and it terrified me greatly.

A spare sea bus docked on the North Vancouver side of Burrard Inlet. There's probably one docked on the Vancouver side too.
Was apparently walking on the Trans Canada Trail. Does that mean I could walk to Toronto if I stuck to the trail?

Strangely tropic looking trees. I've seen these kinds of trees in far odder places.

Photo taken behind Metrotown in Burnaby. I'm guessing the water is a little low because it's still cold. Don't think I'd like to rocket around in this water though.

I'm more or less free after next week (then summer courses start), so I'm going to try and posta wee bit more before I become inundated with work again.

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