Weekly Vocaloid Feature - 鈍足チェイサー

5:19 PM

Luka this week. Wonderful song.

Title: 鈍足チェイサー, (I can't read the first two kanji) Chaser
Producer: morlbon
Genre: Pop
Vocaloid: 巡音ルカ

Kenn's Comment: If someone wants to help me translate the title, I'd be very happy.

It's a wonderful sounding melody. It has an almost baroque-ish sound (like Bach) in the way the melody, and accompaniment flow. Always great to hear things like that. It's at a fairly brisk tempo, so maybe something akin to an allemande?

Anywho, rambling aside, the song is great and the video is well animated with clean, crisp art. Always open to songs like these.

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