Manga of the Week - よつばと!

5:01 PM

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I refuse to believe that I haven't put this up before. But I can't argue with the masterlist, so here it is...possible again.

Title: よつばと!, Yotsubato!, Yotsuba&! 
Author: Azuma Kiyohiko
Genre: Seinen, Comedy, Slice of Life
Serialized in: Media Works Dengeki Daioh, Yen Press Online (eng)
Licensed: Yen Press (9 volumes - ongoing)
Total Volume Count: 10 - ongoing

Series Summary from Yen Press:
Yotsuba is a strange little girl with a big personality! Even in the most trivial, unremarkable encounters, Yotsuba’s curiosity and enthusiasm quickly turns the everyday into the extraordinary!
Kenn's Comment: One of my all time favourite series. I'd say it's only enjoyable once you've hit the age where you can look back on your childhood. Many scenes of the manga invoke a nostalgic feel, prompting one to think "I remember doing that as a kid". Unfortunately, growing up outside of Japan, and especially in a not-so-great area, I didn't have the luxury of rocketing around the neighbourhood or catching bugs. Probably would either get run over by a car, or kidnapped and never seen again.

The humour is great, and it puts a smile on my face everytime I crack open my volumes. Yes, I do own hard copies of them. I've read it countless times and it never ceases to entertain. It's like a gift that just keeps on giving!

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