Weekly Vocaloid Feature - 天ノ弱

8:21 PM

Some GUMI time.

Title: 天ノ弱, Ten no Jaku, Weakness of Heaven
Producer: 164
Illustration: 鳥越タクミ (Bird something. Don't know second character Takumi)
Genre: VocaRock
Vocaloid: GUMI

Kenn's Comment: Not exactly sure whether that's the right translation or not. The middle character is the katakan for the 'no' (の) sound, so I translated it thinking that the katakana was put in place of the hiragana.

Anywho, it's great sounding, as is almost everything 164 puts out. Love his/her stuff. Almost forgot about putting this up today. Might not do a Manga of the Week tomorrow. Probably heading down south of the 49th to attend a Doll Convention down in Seattle or something like that. ;D Later.

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