Song of the Week - Zzz

9:58 PM

A favourite song of mine as of late.

Title: Zzz
Artist: Sasaki Sayaka
Genre: Pop
Single: Zzz
Album: N/A
Vintage: 23/05/11

Kenn's Comment: Not sure whether this will continue, but 日常 Episode 8 used the a capella version of this song as the ED. It essentially sounds the same minus almost all the instrumentals, making it sound much more like a lullaby.

I really like the sound and melody of the song. It's a soft and catchy song with cute lyrics. Sasaki Sayaka has a great voice too, though it's to be expected considering she's the winner of the 3rd Anison Grand Prix. Extra info, but HIMEKA (Catherine St. Onge) won the 2nd Grand Prix the year before. 

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