Spring Anime Reviews - よんでますよ、アザゼルさん。

12:23 AM

No, I did not copy this off of FFFpeeps' homepage. I took the shot myself.

Title: よんでますよ、アザゼルさん。, Yondemasuyo, Azazel-san, You're Being Summoned, Azazel
Genre: Comedy, Supernatural
Animation Production: Production I.G.

I know I didn't to a preview for this one, or if I did I don't remember doing it. Maybe because this one is only 15 minutes long per episode, though I doubt that's the reason. Sunred episodes were only 15 minutes long, and I loved that series.

Production I.G. is only doing two short series this season, both series having episodes with a runtime of less than 20 minutes each. Azazel runs at around 15, while Moshidora runs at about 10. Not that I really care, as the animation in Azazel is really good, and the short episodes help keep the jokes concise and hilarious.

Azazel is about a detective and his assistant who use demons to solve their cases. Well, his assistant is the main character, and they quite literally use demons, rather harshly on that matter. Azazel is a low class demon of lust, and is as hilarious as he looks. Akutabe (detective) summons or comes into possession of various demons as the series goes on, so the cast is always growing (at around one demons per episode).

The series is hilarious, and is chock full of awesome reaction faces, as well as hilarious demon mistreatment. Akutabe is more of a demon than the demons are. They're supposed to be evil, but they're usually just stupid. All of them.

I know I haven't really been showing the greatest shots (I thought they were pretty awesome), so here's one to change your mind. The main character, Sakuma Rinko, Detective Akutabe's assistant, as well as the owner of Azazel's contract.

If there was a poll for the best comedy, I'd nominate this one as my first choice. Nichijou is too hit-and-miss for me to really enjoy, and A Channel's comedy isn't anything spectacular. The comedy in Azazel is great, and with the 15 minute episodes, it avoids all the jokes and gags that get drawn out for so long that they lose their comedic value.

I find myself often enjoying these shorter series more than some of the full length series at times. It was like that with Sunred's two series, and it's like that for this one. The short episodes just make it really convenient when I've got a bit of time to burn, but not enough to sit through a full episode. I've said it just now, but the comedy in this one really outclasses the other series.

Do I recommend that you all start watching this? Yes. It's got some of the best comedy in the season, as well as the great animation of I.G. with it. And it's got a great cast too. I mean in episode two, you had Kugimiya's character getting f☺☺ked, albeit very comically to the point where she sounds much more seal on meth than anything. What more can you ask for?

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