Weekly 東方 Doujin - 本能のままは

9:30 PM

Image by Hiroyuki


It's perfectly safe for work. 

Title: 本能のままは, Acting on Instinct
Artist: Hiroyuki
Genre: Comedy, ecchi
Characters: Hakurei Reimu, Morichika Rinnosuke, lots of other characters

Description from Danbooru:
Began as a web comic, then published and expanded in print form at the 2008 Winter Comiket.Plot summary: Reimu tours Gensokyo, raping its inhabitants, while Rinnosuke takes pictures. Technically work safe.
Kenn's Comment:  For those who find that the art is familiar, that would probably be because you've read Doujin Work, a serialized 4-koma manga by Hiroyuki.

Technically worksafe. Nothing, until the latter releases, is questionable in content. Dialogue-wise, it's about as work-safe as Ladies s Butlers or To Love-ru Darkness is, which, if you don't happen to know what they are, aren't worksafe at all. It's not often that I break out the ecchi tag.

It's hilarious, with all the antics that Rinnosuke and Reimu pull. Various references to a variety of games and anime make it all the more hilarious. Though safe for work, I don't recommend reading it at work. 

Read it over at the local booru. Sequels are all linked on the page. 

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