Manga of the Week - ラブひな

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=3= Was out for a good chunk of yesterday, so the Weekly Manga is today.

Believe it or not, but this is approximately the 100th Manga of the Week post. 

Title: ラブひな, Love Hina
Author: Akamatsu Ken
Genre: Shounen, Comedy, Romance
Serialized in: Kodansha Weekly Shounen Magazine
Total Volume Count: 14

Series Summary from Tokyopop:
Keitaro has had great difficulty getting into the university of his choice and no luck in meeting women. In a desperate effort to go into seclusion and study for his entrance exams, he volunteers to take over running his grandmother's hotel. His plans are ruined when he discovers that the "hotel" is actually an all-girls dormitory... and some serious distractions ensue.
Kenn's Comment: To celebrate the 100th (give or take one or two) Manga of the Week post, I'm sharing with you guys one of my most favouritest series: Love Hina. Twas one of the very first manga series I read that wasn't Bleach or Naruto, and to this day, still holds a fond place in my heart.

While you could say it's pretty much your run-off-the-mill harem-romance-comedy, Love Hina manages to bring good romance and emotion to the table, where series like あいこら, which is almost exactly the same setup except for the main character, comes off as being a bit on the shallow side. The エッチ (ecchi) content in Love Hina isn't overdone either. I'd say most of the time it's done fairly tastefully. Keitaro does have the unfortunate role of tripping-protagonist-cops-a-feel-or-ends-up-somewhere-he-shouldn't-be and it does sometimes seem a little bit ridiculous, but it happens much, much less than say a series like To Love-ru (I'm looking at you Rito).

Should also note that this is a Kodansha Manga Award winner for Best Shounen title back in '01. Fo' shizzle.

Anywho, again this is arguably one of my favourite series. I even reread it from time to time (most recently a few days ago). You're much, much better off reading the manga than watching the anime. The anime doesn't include many of the scenes that really emphasize and capture Keitaro and Naru's relationship, opting for more of the harem comedy. Curse you Xebec...!!

Wrapping things up now, I'd probably have to thank Love Hina for this blog. Why? Well, I really do believe that Love Hina sent me down this path. Prior to it, I was reading Bleach and Naruto, and only those two. Love Hina really exploded my horizons (and likely is the cause of my need for romance in manga). Anywho, enjoy Weekly Manga #100!

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