Song of the Week - Marionettes

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Title: Marionettes
Artist: The Zolas
Genre: Indie, Alt-Rock/Pop
Single: N/A
Album: Tic Toc Tic
Vintage: 01/12/09 (other sources just say 2010, so IDK)

Kenn's Comment: The entire album is wonderful. Oh, and should I mention that the duo is based in Vancouver? That makes everything that much cooler. And yes, I said duo. The Zolas is comprised of Zachary Gray (vocals and guitar) and Tom Dobrzanski (piano). I think I read somewhere that most of the album was recorded in the basement of Tom's parent's place he built while he was at UBC. Should be noted that other groups like Said The Whale have recorded at Tom's place.

The song itself has a really catchy melody along with great instrumental accompaniment. It's got good energy too. Another great point is that the album isn't like a lot of them out there where you'll have a few good songs and the rest are crap. This albums all good. Reminds me of Said The Whale in that the songs have various and notable styles and influences. Great driving music (though I don't drive). 

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