Song of the Week - Mother Lover

11:51 PM

Note that this song is NOT SAFE FOR WORK, or for children.

Title: Mother Lover
Artist: The Lonely Island
Genre: Comedy
Single: Mother Lover
Album: Turtleneck and Chain
Vintage: 09/04/11 (ddmmyy)

Kenn's Comment: Again, not safe for work. By now, it's likely too late, as you've already hit that play button.

Anywho, for those who don't know, Mother Lover is a sequel of sorts to Dick in a Box, a previous single done by The Lonely Island and Timberlake. They're arrested at the end of the short for Dick in a Box, and Mother Lover begins with them leaving the prison, so it's only natural.

Anywho, for those who don't realize, this song is for Mother's day, and please, don't try this at home. Please.

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