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This time, I'm only doing stuff I want, so hopefully I'll be able to get through these this time around.

Started this ages ago, but didn't finish it until now. Blame Photobucket. I've more or less got it ironed out now, and I'm hoping to get a few more of these out before the summer semester starts.

Title: Tiger & Bunny
Genre: Action, Comedy
Animation Production: Sunrise

Tiger & Bunny is an interesting series, in more ways than one. Firstly, it's a play on a well established genre, superheroes. Take your superhero, throw in a few more, and then throw them all into a reality show which grades and ranks them based on their villain-fighting-day-saving abilities and whatnots like that. Secondly, the protagonist isn't a hot blooded youth with more testosterone than a raing bull. He's a middle aged man who's past his prime working amongst a cast of much younger people, not to mention he's a father. It's been a while since there's been a mature (well, age-wise) protagonist like this. It's the character interactions that really make the series shine as it does.
Kaede, Koutetsu's daughter

The reality show is an interesting aspect of the show. sometimes it's out in full force, where you'll see the point screen and everything, but sometimes you only realize that it's there by what the characters say. You've got Koutetsu, who you could probably describe as your traditional hero, doing things for the sake of protecting people and not caring about the points. Most of the other heroes think about protecting people, but points do come into their line of thinking (plus they tend to be less destructive than our loveable Wild Tiger).

There's some speculation that the program and producers are behind a lot of the crime to get ratings, but by the way Agnes didn't let Koutetsu and Barnaby jump into action (thinking of their well being), I'm thinking that the conspiracy theory is shot for now. In real life, this show would be an absolute mess, as people would be in it for the fame. I'm a bit of a pessimist when it comes to human nature, so I can only see sabotage and conspiracy happening.

Blue Rose - Pepsi
Another interesting aspect of the series is the advertisement. I've never really seen this done before (unless you include Pizza Hut), but I think it's really awesome. Only works in some situations too. Each hero is belongs to a company, similar to how you watch soccer teams and their uniforms have their sponsors festooned all over it. I'm sure the extra revenue likely helped because the animation and the series as a whole is great. All in all, it's an great and enjoyable series. Look forward to it every week, and I hear it's going to be a two cour series (24-26 episodes) so that's great news. Starting with Blue Rose above, I've given the list of current heroes along with their sponsor(s).

Dragon Kid - Calbee/DMM.com
Barnaby - Bandai*
Wild Tiger - SoftBank/S.H.Figuarts
Fire Emblem - FMV (Fujitsu)
Rock-Bison - Gyu-Kaku

Sky-High - Ustream.tv/Tamashii Nations
Origami-Cyclone - .ANIME

*Crusade System on the arm is a card game from Bandai

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