Weekly Vocaloid Feature - glow

9:26 AM

The PV is so awesome.

Title: glow
Producer: ネルドラP (Neru Dora P)
Genre: Pop, Soft Rock?
Vocaloid: 初音ミク

Kenn's Comment: The animation for the PV is so fluid it's almost scary, not to mention each model is animated to actually play their instrument. I've seen many MMD pv's where the model will basically just strum the strings without regard to the song itself. The song itself (without the instruments) is really nice too. I feel like I've put this up before, but I don't see it in the last couple weeks of posts, so I guess I didn't. My only gripe is the models. Sorry, NeruDoraP, the models aren't exactly to my liking. Maybe I'm just too used to seeing LAT models (which people really shouldn't use so much) or something, but at points in the PV the models (mainly Miku) looks a little odd. 

Anywho, that's it from me for this one. See y'all next time!

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